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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The gift that keeps on giving

Not sure what to get that special golfer in your life for Christmas? Why not give them the gift of better golf by purchasing alesson voucher from me. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

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The grand finale…

Remember that the final Friday Night Under The Lights takes place on 07 December. There will be live music, fun competitions with cash and golf prizes as well as Srixon and Cleveland demos. Don’t miss out! Diarise and come and join us.


Nice one, Luke!

Well done to Luke Mayo on making it through stage one of the Sunshine Tour Qualifying School. Luke shot 5 under par at Maccauvlei, and is through to the final stage in March next year.

luke mayo



This week I have taken a few days off to take Monica to Umzolozolo Game Reserve for her birthday. We are having a wonderful time and I must congratulate Neil an Lizette Loudon on their wonderful Lodge on the Nambiti Game Reserve near Ladysmith. This 5 star lodge, on a reserve, with the Big Five is only 3hrs drive from Durban, wordclass!

umzolozolo game reserve umzolozolo logo


The direction of technology

Tracking everything

Most of us think that the advances in golf equipment must come to an end.
Especially as the design of clubs (and golf balls) is now so tightly regulated.
But, we suspect there’s another big change on the horizon.

flightscope tracker The data gathered from launch
monitors blew away some myths,
and opened the eyes of club
designers, fitters, and golf coaches
to what produced the biggest improvements.
Launch angles, spin rates, smash
factors, rise angles, face angles,
angle of attack can now all be
used with different clubs, to
create an exact fit to your
performance in the fitting bay.

golf tracker data

But, what’s coming is the capture of your data on every single shot you play. There are already clubs and gadgets that allow the collection of some of the data required to fit you.
As that is filled out and refined, when you come into have a fitting we’ll be able to download your on-course data and know the exact specifications that will help improve your playing performance.

Experience the impact on your game now

If you haven’t been for a fitting, then we’d encourage you to at least schedule a driver assessment.
With the knowledge we now have about ball flight and what creates the optimum result,
we can often create quite spectacular improvements.


What motivates you?

The social experience or …

We’re very interested in gaining a better understanding of what’s important to you.
Over the next three weeks, we’d like you to answer a simple question each week.
We won’t store any personal data, indeed you won’t even have to give us your name (unless you want to).
But we will collate the data to gain a better understanding of what we need to improve.
So starting this week:

Social Competition
social golf competitive golf

Let us know

For you, what is the relative priority of the recreational and social experience vs golf as a sporting competition?
Let us know now.


Happy golfing!


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