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Thursday, 22 November 2018

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Phil vs. Tiger…no comment!


These ladies are keen!


After the success of our last “bunnies” group, several of the ladies asked to continue with their tuition and as a result we now have the “bunnies level 2 clinics”! This week, 9 ladies arrived to practise their iron play and to learn a little about playing from sloping lies from myself and Sikhumbuzo. I am delighted to see this enthusiasm! The fact that after their lesson on a Wednesday morning they then get to play a few holes on Thursday under the gentle wings of some of our lady members, makes this programme the envy of many clubs in SA.

ladies golf training

Our Bunnies having a hoppin’ time out on the range


So close for Bertus!


Bertus Versteegh is plaing his best golf ever!


Bertus approached me about 2 months ago for help with his game and was prepared to travel down from Amatikulu each week for a lesson. The past weekend he was the runner-up in their Club Championship, missing top honours by a single shot!

“ I can’t believe the difference in my game, that is the best golf I have ever played and the drills we worked on in the past few lessons have eliminated my slice and improved my distance”. – Bertus Versteegh

Below is a video of the drill that helped Bertus, please watch it and see if it helps you.

best golf ever golf training video

It doesn’t matter which aspect of your game you are looking to improve, we will have an approach to help you on your journey to better golf and more fun. Contact us to book a lesson.


We have some fresh turf in the field


It’s nice to have Melissa join us.


Melissa Eaton (LPGA player) has joined our team and teaches on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays at the Range. This week she had a group of ladies perfecting their bunker play…fantastic to see!

If you want to sign to join one of our weekly ladies groups, contact us here.


Hole more puts


Better distance control equals less than 3 putts


During the first three weeks, we have discussed the importance of the correct loft at impact and how crucial it
is to fit a putter to match your technique.
The correct launch off the putter face allows you to improve your control of ball speed on the green.
Get that right and you’ll roll the ball consistently every time.

golf distance control

‘Launch’ is the angle the ball comes off the putter face. Too high or low a launch off the putter face will affect your distance control, dramatically. Lack of consistency will affect your feel and confidence, and that just exaggerates the problem.

Let’s get you closer from further


Do you often feel you made a great stroke yet the result was disappointing? Launch is a vital factor to get
right and can be poor due to your equipment or your technique. Let us help


Play more golf


Have you played Scramble with friends?


Most golfers, when asked what they look forward to most say: “having some fun with my friends”.
So here’s a suggestion for you. Play a Texas Scramble – if you do want to compete with
each other then play a Scramble Drive.

golfing fun

You all tee off together and then, on all but the Par 3s, choose the best drive and all play your second shot from there. It means you’re together on the tee, all together with your second shot (again on all but the Par 3s), and again on the green. It is a really social format.

golfing get together

Hitting golf shots from the fairway


Sometimes it just doesn’t work for you off the tee. And while we know that improving your short-game is
your quickest route to a lower score, we also know a day hunting for balls in rough and forest,
because of wild tee shots, is the quickest way to a less happy experience. If you struggle off the tee,
then come and see us. Don’t live with a game that has you hunting golf balls


Happy golfing!

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