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Words fail me when trying to describe the last day of the PGA Championship last week, and I am eating my words about Tiger. He is definitely back and looking like he can win again! To quote David Feherty, “The only mistake I make with Tiger is to under estimate him.”

Our new Bunnies Programme has kicked off

The new bunnies started this week with 17 ladies all keen and eager!

Invest some time in improving your golf!

If you are looking to invest some time into improving your golf, then please make use of the free assessment lessons that Martin Smit and I offer at the Mount Edgecombe Golf Academy. No obligation, we just want to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the steps needed to get lasting success. Get in touch if we can help.

Our website has a new look and feel!

Friday night under the lights!

After last month’s event was such a success, make sure you diarise for the 7th September.

Stand a chance to win a trip for 4 to the 2019 PGA Championship!

Did you enjoy watching Tiger in the hunt on Sunday? Koepka bombing drives down the middle of the fairway? Next year you could be there to witness the action at Beth Page Black in Farmingdale New York!

All you have to do is buy a raffle ticket and stand a chance to win a trip for four golfers to the 2019 PGA Championship in the USA. It includes return flights on Delta Airlines and 7 nights’ accommodation. On top of that you get to play 2 rounds of golf in the area, and it includes access to the PGA Championship Wannamaker Hospitality Center and tickets to all 4 days. Even better, you will also get the opportunity to play the Black course on the Monday after the Championship round.

The tickets are R1000 each and all money raised will be donated to the South African Golf Development BoardClick here to buy your tickets. T&Cs apply.

You could drive a car with the seat in the incorrect position. But you wouldn’t. You adjust the seat to fit your specification. Even an inexperienced driver makes this change. Driving is easier.

Now, you’re going to rotate a golf club with a very small head around your body,
and try and deliver it back to make contact with an even smaller golf ball,
so that it travels down a target line. Surely that challenge needs you to
“adjust your seat” with a golf club that fits.

This is a ‘no-brainer’. Every golfer should play with golf equipment that makes it easy to repeat a golf swing;
that brings the club face back to the ball; square to the target line. Inexperienced and learning? Make it easier. Improving and aspiring? Make it easier. Good and competitive? Make it easier.

For anyone taking up golf, it can seem intimidating.
Stand on any tee, next time you’re going round, and imagine you’re thirty something
and you’ve had your first 3 lessons. Yes, after just three lessons you’re facing 400 metres,
bunkers, trees and water. We want to change that.

We want to introduce more people to the game. We want them to gain enjoyment from the game immediately.
One way to do that, is to get out on the golf course and play 9 (or even just 6) holes from 50 metres in.
It’s the equivalent of the ‘bunny slopes’ in Switzerland.

For anyone who’s learning, or is less-skilled / experienced, playing golf from the tees can limit the enjoyment.
If you’re playing with family or friends for enjoyment, then setup the game so that they can tackle challenges
they can accomplish, at least some of the time.

This week is all about our juniors

Who’s your pick for the 2018 PGA Championship?

This weekend will bring the 2018 Major Championships for the men to an end, with the PGA Championship taking place at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, Missouri. The past two times this club has hosted a major, the winners were Gary Player and Nick Price, so hopefully we will see another Southern African winner.

Who to put your money on? Here are my top 5 picks…

Justin Thomas
Ricky Fowler
Dustin Johnson
Tommy Fleetwood
Rory McIlroy

The best South African bet is still Louis Oosthuizen and hopefully we see a great tournament from Brandon Stone.

See you on the range

The Friday Night Under Lights Event was a real success this past week, the highlight being Nick Phipps winning the cash prize in the Pitch for Cash Competition sponsored by Harbour Wealth.

There were lots of families who came and had a go and as you can see the kids then had a ball picking up all the range balls (nice, honest fun away from their cell phones and iPads).

The kids had a lot of fun picking up the balls

Put the next event in your diary – The first Friday of every month (The next one is on 7 September).

Our Junior Program is producing some great results!

Last week Akil Maduray won the C Division Matchplay beating Chris Lonsdale in the final. Akil is only 11 years old! Another super performance came from 13-year old Amy Fletcher who lost in the final of the ladies B Division Matchplay on the 21st hole to Carol Hubert.

Akil, Amy and Nick Phipps are all students at the Mt Edgecombe Junior Academy and are coached by Martin Smit.

Akil Maduray C Division Matchplay Champ with his coach
Amy Fletcher, losing finalist in the ladies B Division matchplay

Ladies bring your friends and lets play some golf!

The final Bunnies Programme this year will be starting next Thursday and there are still a few spaces available if you know of anyone who is keen. Contact me if you’re interested.

What can you learn from Ernie Els?

This video was taken a few years ago here at the Mount Edgecombe Driving Range, I hope it helps you.

What’s happening at Monica’s?

We had our new consulting chef work with our chefs over the weekend. Thanks to Chef Danielle for all your input and putting a happy spirit back in to our kitchen.

We had an extremely busy weekend but thumbs up to the staff, Sunday they were still full of smiles. Thanks to all our loyal customers for your support and inspiration.

Chefs in training
Monica's Happy Helpers

We want to help more of our golfers experience more often the joy of a sweetly struck, accurate, iron shot.
That means increasing consistency, and how square to the target line the club face is at impact.
To achieve that, whatever your skill level, you need an iron that fits you.
The chances of that off the shelf: 1 in 15 or even worse odds.

The wrong shaft length makes getting into the right address position more difficult.
The wrong lie angle makes square contact very difficult.
The wrong shaft flex means you’re not translating the power of your swing into ball flight and speed.
Each of these affects consistency, accuracy, and distance.

This is a ‘no-brainer’. Every golfer should play with golf equipment that makes it easy to repeat a golf swing;
that brings the club face back to the ball; square to the target line. Inexperienced and learning? Make it easier.
Improving and aspiring? Make it easier. Good and competitive? Make it easier.

Do you know that in most of the traditional golfing countries, only about 8% of golfers are female.
Too many women feel less than welcome when they step onto a golf property.
That’s not the impression we want to create.

Come on in. We want to get more women playing golf. We want to create an experience where
you get out on the golf course, making and enjoying friendships.

Actually, it doesn’t matter what your skill level is, one of the best way to learn or improve the game is
out on the course in a small group, being coached together as you play.

If you have a partner, sister, mother, daughter, friend, who has any interest in taking up the most social,
the most healthy, outdoor activity, then please introduce them to us.

Come and spend your Friday night under the lights

The Annual PGA Junior Pro AM

This past weekend the PGA of KZN hosted the annual PGA Junior Pro AM at San Lameer. It was an absolute privilege to be involved in this event and to see the future of golf in our country looking so bright. The event would not have been possible without the assistance of the PGA, San Lameer, The Mark McNulty Foundation as well as some of our members.

Thank you to Neil Loudon (Cuzzie) from Umzolozolo 5 star Game Lodge, Bryan Mahler from Watches Unlimited, Richard Downey from Thule, Melville Vogel from Sun International and Monica Blomefield from the Mount Edgecombe Driving Range. Your generosity went a long way to making this such a wonderful event.

golf durban

Friday night under lights

I hope you will be able to join us this Friday, 3rd August for some fun golf sponsored by Harbour Wealth.

We have lined up the following…

  • Putt for dough competition
  • Chip for Cash competition
  • Live music
  • Happy hour from 5pm to 6pm with half price on buckets of balls and beers.

Calling all ladies!

The next bunnies programme starts in 2 weeks time, let me know if you might be keen to join us.

A swing tip for the more advanced players

As you can see Shaun has battles with keeping a nice strong base to his swing. His legs were out of “sync” and this affects his power and consistency. In the video you will see the drills we worked on to help this.

National Golf Day

Monday, 3 September is National Golf Day and all 6 of South Africa’s major winners have signed up to take you on! That means if you sign up to play in the National Golf Day, you will have the opportunity to challenge your golfing heroes head to head in a Stableford scoring event, live.

Everyone has their own day. There are famous days like Braai Day on the 24th of September and Valentines Day on February 14th. But we’re excited to announce that now there is a National Golf Day. This is a day dedicated entirely to golfers. A day for those who love the game, play the game, want to play the game or used to play the game.

Visit the website for more information or to sign up.

PRO CAR | For hassle free estate living

PRO CAR CARTS are a proud partner of the Range. If you need any assistance with buying or maintaining your cart, please give them a call.

We want to help more of our golfers experience the joy of a sweetly struck, accurate iron shot more often.
That means increasing consistency, and how square to target line the club face is at impact.

None of this is helped by manufacturer’s all having different ‘standard’ lengths on their clubs.
We reviewed four models from four major manufacturer’s and there was nearly an inch between
their standard #7 iron lengths.

Get fitted. “You’re worth it”, especially if you’re inexperienced, or inconsistent in your ball striking.
Experienced and supremely skilled athletes can make swing adjustments to poorly fitted irons. The rest of us can’t.

We want everyone; irrespective of their background, their gender, or their age; to experience
golf as potentially the greatest social and healthy activity available to them.
To do that, we’ve had to catch up with the changes in the world.

This is a great advert that highlights how much more important healthy, social, outdoor activity is to married couples
as they approach retirement.

This sort of social commentary (and advertisers who understand their market) clearly demonstrates that past-times are shared by couples. Less and less does a husband or wife disappear.

 If you have a spouse who doesn’t play golf; they may have had a negative experience previously;
then let us introduce them to a world of healthy, outdoor, very social enjoyment.

We need to keep our current participants playing the game, and even make it possible for them to play more often.
We also need more golfers. So, two birds and one stone. If you have a partner who doesn’t play golf,
then send them to us, and let us introduce them to the best outdoor activity forever!