New golfer, David’s progress in 4 months
I am constantly amazed and impressed by new golfers, take a look at the improvement in David Githenya from his first attempt to hit the ball to 4 months later!

Carolynne improves her game

Carolynne has been working with me over the past six weeks looking to see some improvement in her golf and the results so far have been very encouraging. Watch the video for more details.

David Howells Improves

This week I would like to congratulate David Howells on the great transformation in his swing. Take a look at this video to see David’s improvement in just six weeks!

Student of the week: Oscar Chalupsky

Student of the week is Oscar Chalupsky – Oscar is a South African sporting legend having competed in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. He is also a 12 time World Surfski Champion – his latest win (2012) coming at the age of 49, 29 years after his first win.

Yukiko’s improvement

The most satisfying part of what we do as teachers is to see the our students improving. This short video shows the wonderful improvement Yukiko has made in less than a year. Contact us if you’d like to improve your game.

Candace plays after 6 weeks

Candace came to see me about a month ago and wanted to learn to play golf while visiting Mt Edgecombe for 6 weeks. The plan was to teach her the basics of the golf swing so that when she returned home she would be able to join her husband on the course. While some of us learn faster than others, I think Candace has done pretty well! By taking her on a step by step path through the different stages of the swing she has built a good understanding of the techniques involved and now has a very good foundation to continue to develop her golf. Contact us if you’d like to learn to play golf.

Understanding the role of the left hand in the golf swing

It never ceases to amaze me how sometimes and simple definition can help students to understand their faults better. Johan came to see me this week with several swing issues that seem complicated to start with, however by just clearing up his understanding of what the left hand does in the swing produced some fantastic results. Contact us if you’d like to improve your game.

Themba improves in less than 10 minutes!

Themba has been playing golf for about six months but has become frustrated with his lack of power and consistency. In this lesson we looked at one of the main “cause points” in the golf swing and answered the question of whether to pull or push the club through impact. Watch the video to see the results. The more eagle-eyed will see that the improvements happened in less than 10 minutes… Book an assessment and watch yourself improve!

6-Week transformation of Dr Naidoo

Dr Naidoo startedwith some lessons 6 weeks ago and has made excellent progress as you will see in the video. The goal of the lessons was to give him a little more confidence in his hitting and to get him onto the course and having fun again, and after yesterday’s lesson we were both very happy with the results. The course we put the doctor on was the Impact course. Contact us about the programmes and courses we have available to improve your game.

Two very happy students

This is why I love to teach! Here are some examples of the work we do at the Mount Edgecombe Golf Academy. Contact us if you’d like to improve your game and let’s get started on your journey to better golf and more fun.

Are you swinging on plane?

Watch the video of Len Fanucci and how he improved his swing plane. Do you want to improve yours?