Friday, 28 September 2018

So Tiger is officially back after winning the season ending Tour Championship, who would have thought that this was possible a year ago? The debates in the press and on social media about it being the greatest comeback in sports history will continue and I am sure you all have your own views.

From my point of view, this event with only 30 players (all be it the top 30) is quite a way off from a Major Championship and while he did play absolutely beautiful golf we shouldn’t buy into the hyperbole yet.

What was disappointing was the way McIroy played on the last day, hopefully he will be highly motivated to prove this wasn’t his best at the Ryder Cup this weekend.

We had the pleasure of hosting Access Medical for their company clinic. For most of their staff this was the first exposure to golf and by all accounts it was a wonderful day.

“Hi Monica, many thanks to you and your staff for the excellent service. Bobby, Sipi and “Bullet” were all very helpful in setting up, cleaning and providing coffees and lunch in a very pleasant and efficient manner. Congratulations”!

– Colin Powell

If you would like information about corporate days/ team building events at the Range, please give us a call.

A few quick points that you can learn from arguably the best putter in the world, Ricky Fowler.

No improved performance? No purchase. That’s the beauty of a driver fitting.
You’re not buying a new driver, you’re trying to buy a better tee shot performance.

We get golfers, especially those who were fitted for the correct launch DNA, playing drivers several
years old that still perform as well as the latest and greatest.
In that case, there’s improvement elsewhere we should be looking for.

There’s a Driver DNA – ball speed, launch angle, & spin rate. We need to match those when fitting you for a Driver.
How close is your Driver to your Launch DNA now? Do you have 20 metres or more of performance in the right DNA?
Come and see us. Let’s unlock your potential to thrill.

Over the first three weeks, we covered the importance of using bounce correctly.
It certainly improves consistency on chip and pitch shots.

The final most important feature of bounce is helping you get up and down more often from the sand.

To play a splash bunker shot and get out the bunker stress free you must use
Your bounce by approaching the ball with the correct technique.

You’ll often read, “Enter the sand between 1 and 2 inches behind the ball.”
It’s almost useless advice, if you don’t know how to use the bounce on your wedge to allow the
sand to drive the ball out and onto the green. This is a fundamental you should all learn.

Happy golfing!

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