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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Oosthuizen comes out on top


What an emotional win for Louis Oosthuizen at the SA Open last week, any comments about these guys not caring were clearly wrong. The simple truth is that to get to the level of Oosthuizen, Schwartzel, Grace and Stone talent is not enough. The deep passion and commitment these guys have is evident when you see what a win means. This week at Leopard Creek should be another classic, cant wait!


Have you started practicing yet?


We are looking forward to seeing you over the holidays, putting in a little practice and enjoying your game much more.

golf practice


Well done Sid!


Having just retired, Sid had at long last some time to work on his golf. The results have been excellent to date. As you will see in the screenshots, Sid has managed to simplify his backswing and for the first time in many years is now releasing the club correctly.

golf improvement


Change someone’s life in 2019


If you are looking for some gift ideas for the golfers in your family, we are happy to customize a lesson voucher for you. From today until the end of December all vouchers ordered online will have a 15% discount. Please email take up this offer.

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For the little ones


Kid’s Christmas Holiday activities 2019 Mount Edgecombe Junior Golf Academy
junior golf academy christmas holiday kids golf activities


December Opening Hours


mount edgecombe driving range festive season opening hours


The direction of technology


Are you making the most of what we have?

The PGA Tour has seen spectacular increases in distance off the tee. Our sense is that the percentage increases have by now way been replicated for the average golfer. The good news is that means that there is a ton of potential available to you.

technology of golf

Using perfectly fitted, larger-headed, longer-shafted drivers, the best players have a 15 – 20% yardage gain. Have you seen that improvement in the last few years? It won’t take us long to calculate just how big an improvement you could make.

golf tee off


Smallest change; biggest improvement

Sometimes a golfer has the right tool, but is using them in the wrong way. Sometimes just a change in ball position; an improvement in setup; or the sequence of the downswing; produce that 10 – 15% improvement.


What motivates you?


Is there a particular format you enjoy most?

We’re trying to gain a better understanding of what’s important to our golfers. In the last two weeks, we’ve really appreciated the responses to the simple questions asked. If you didn’t answer and want to help out, we’ve got the first two weeks below.

golf motivation golf achievements

This week we examine formats. We sense that this is an area of the game where golfers of different ages, and those with different handicaps, might have different views.

Let us know

This is one question. Let us know your most and least favorite format.


steve cottingham mount edgecome golf academy
golfer swing

Get the kids off the couch and outdoors this holiday


Tuesday, 04 December 2018

What’s happening on tour?


After watching a thoroughly enjoyable Afrasia Bank Mauritius Open, I had to check the setting on my TV as the course looked just spectacular, we can look forward to this week’s SA Open. This year the host club is Randpark Golf Club with R17 500 000 in prize money up for grabs with most of our top players and a host of superstars competing led by tournament host Ernie Els; Louis Oosthuizen; Brandon Stone; Branden Grace; Charl Schwartzel; last year’s winner Chris Paisley; Matt Wallace; Edoardo Molinari; Oliver Wilson; Matteo Manasero and the Afrasia winner, Kurt Kitayama is also entered.


Junior Academy


As the year comes to and end it is nice to see the positive results from some of the players in our Junior Academy, well done toMartin Smit for helping these young golfer to continually improve.

“It brings me great pleasure today to see four of my students excelling at the end of the year, after 4 terms of hard work and practice ( and a little fun along the way). Amy Fletcher aged 14,is playing at Kloof CC in the KZNLGA Trials, and shot 72 76 to lead by 18 shots (wow!). Charlotte Phipps aged 11, shot 84 (nett 64) impressive as she is the youngest in the field.”

“I’m also proud to announce that Akhil and Kairav both 11 years old, have been selected to represent KZN U16 Ethekweni Team.”

junior golf academy

Kid’s Christmas Holiday activities 2019 Mount Edgecombe Junior Golf Academy
junior golf academy christmas holiday kids golf activities


Out with the old, in with the new!


We have brand new Srixon balls for you this month and as you can see one of our most avid members testing them out “Durban style”. At least he isn’t wearing flip flops?

srixon golf balls
New Balls

golf exercizes
This is Dave in preparation for the photo shoot

golf swing


The gift that keeps on giving


Not sure what to get that special golfer in your life for Christmas? Why not give them the gift of better golf by purchasing a lesson voucher from me? It’s guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

golf christmas vouchers


December Opening hours


december operating hours


The direction of technology


Materials open up your opportunity

Adjustable drivers, while being main-stream, have until now come along with some compromises,
especially with forgiveness.

golf driver By using weight strategically, designers have been able to extend the size of the hitting zone.

The leading 2018 drivers not only protect ball speed away from the sweet spot, they protect the launch conditions.

That means, despite a slightly off-centre ball strike, you still get the length of ball flight and distance you expected.

Originally, the weight required for adjustable
hosels reduced the amount of weight available
to the club designer.
That’s not the case anymore. More than enough
weight is available to the designer to allow them
to develop a driver packed with forgiveness.
adjustable hosels

The adjustable driver improvement

Now though, new manufacturing processes, new lighter but stronger materials, have provided the designers of adjustable drivers with enough discretionary weight to give you adjustability and forgiveness.


What motivates you?


What are you most looking forward to, as you arrive?

We’re trying to gain a better understanding of what’s important to our golfers. Last week we had a simple question relating to social golf vs competitive golf. If you missed it and want to answer,

This week we want to understand what you look forward to most as you drive to the golf club. Again a simple question. And again, to preserve privacy, your name is optional. So what inspires you?

golf trophy winner

Let us know

This is just one question. It might make you think though.
Let us know now.

Happy golfing!

steve cottingham mount edgecome golf academy
golf shot

The gift that keeps on giving

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The gift that keeps on giving

Not sure what to get that special golfer in your life for Christmas? Why not give them the gift of better golf by purchasing alesson voucher from me. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

christmas golf lessons


The grand finale…

Remember that the final Friday Night Under The Lights takes place on 07 December. There will be live music, fun competitions with cash and golf prizes as well as Srixon and Cleveland demos. Don’t miss out! Diarise and come and join us.


Nice one, Luke!

Well done to Luke Mayo on making it through stage one of the Sunshine Tour Qualifying School. Luke shot 5 under par at Maccauvlei, and is through to the final stage in March next year.

luke mayo



This week I have taken a few days off to take Monica to Umzolozolo Game Reserve for her birthday. We are having a wonderful time and I must congratulate Neil an Lizette Loudon on their wonderful Lodge on the Nambiti Game Reserve near Ladysmith. This 5 star lodge, on a reserve, with the Big Five is only 3hrs drive from Durban, wordclass!

umzolozolo game reserve umzolozolo logo


The direction of technology

Tracking everything

Most of us think that the advances in golf equipment must come to an end.
Especially as the design of clubs (and golf balls) is now so tightly regulated.
But, we suspect there’s another big change on the horizon.

flightscope tracker The data gathered from launch
monitors blew away some myths,
and opened the eyes of club
designers, fitters, and golf coaches
to what produced the biggest improvements.
Launch angles, spin rates, smash
factors, rise angles, face angles,
angle of attack can now all be
used with different clubs, to
create an exact fit to your
performance in the fitting bay.

golf tracker data

But, what’s coming is the capture of your data on every single shot you play. There are already clubs and gadgets that allow the collection of some of the data required to fit you.
As that is filled out and refined, when you come into have a fitting we’ll be able to download your on-course data and know the exact specifications that will help improve your playing performance.

Experience the impact on your game now

If you haven’t been for a fitting, then we’d encourage you to at least schedule a driver assessment.
With the knowledge we now have about ball flight and what creates the optimum result,
we can often create quite spectacular improvements.


What motivates you?

The social experience or …

We’re very interested in gaining a better understanding of what’s important to you.
Over the next three weeks, we’d like you to answer a simple question each week.
We won’t store any personal data, indeed you won’t even have to give us your name (unless you want to).
But we will collate the data to gain a better understanding of what we need to improve.
So starting this week:

Social Competition
social golf competitive golf

Let us know

For you, what is the relative priority of the recreational and social experience vs golf as a sporting competition?
Let us know now.


Happy golfing!